It Could’ve Been Me

It Could’ve Been Me

“It Could’ve Been Me” was inspired by the social climate of today. So often, black men and women die due to police brutality as a result of racial profiling. For most of my schooling, I have gone to predominately white institutions. In my conversations with white peers from school, many of them were disconnected with the Black Lives Matter movement because it did not effect them. Neither socio-economics nor education can insulate Black people from the hurt of racism. I made “It Could’ve Been Me” primarily so that my non black friends could see my face in the place of the innocent lives lost to police brutality. If it was me would they care? If it was me would they call for change? Until there is change, it can always be me. After watching “It Could’ve Been Me” I hope people are able to see that the normalization or harming Black bodies is wrong and there needs to be systemic change in order for everyone to experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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