Justice For All

Justice For All

After dropping his kids off at school, Tino Santiago, a 22 year resident of the town of Kent, CT was pulled over for running a stop sign. The officer then revealed himself to be an ICE Agent. Tino was detained indefinitely as he began the long process of challenging his deportation order. The town of Kent rallied to support Tino. Tino face a long detention, and due to Covid was isolated in his cell for 22 hour a day. It's time for us to have an honest debate about how we treat undocumented people.

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  1. Susan L Bishov says:

    This is a fantastic video! Tino is obviously a fine contributor to the Kent community and it is a sign of their appreciation that they rallied to get him freed. My heart goes out to him and his family. It is a travesty of justice that he was yanked from his family and I hope that they will be able to heal eventually with support from the community. The filmmakers presented a compelling case for modifying the laws to remediate the injustices. It is absolutely outrageous that the federal laws deal harshly with undocumented immigrants who perform the services that many native born citizens disdain. These immigrants pay taxes, support their communities, and have no protection. Thank you to the producers of this film and to the narrator for their extraordinary work as advocates for the vulnerable.

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