The Other Side of The Coin

The Other Side of The Coin

Working parents are occupied in their own career, rather than providing mental and societal support to their children.

From the moment of birth of a child to adolescents, parents goes through a tremendous amount of compromising and challenge to brought up their child. For working parents it’s 
even harder to compensate their lifestyle with career and family responsibilities. A child needs care and support for natural growth. While parents have regular work schedule, 
children are left in daycare centre, relatives place or in some cases with their maids. In this time period child’s growth gets unsupervised.

On the other hand, society has rooted pre-conceived values of success and career path. Any deviation from that might cause parents to impose decisions on their child. This causes instability in child’s growth which in-term might cause depressed adolescence.

Proper communication and sharing between parents & child is needed to bridge this generation gap. Parents should be educated properly on parenting so that, they can understand their children more and not get blinded by their own dream. Through counselling and re-calibrating priorities might help to understand their drawbacks.

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