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Democracy 2020

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This documentary is about the inspirational story of the Mendonca twins who climbed up the ladder of success despite adversities in their lives

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PEOPLE VS PANDEMIC is a short doc showing how the Covid-19 virus has impacted the people of Seattle, Washington.
music used: good bye edmonton by dirty beaches, shine a light ...

A mini-documentary about COVID-19

Shot during the COVID-19 confinement in Spain, a reflection on the situation from a philosophical viewpoint. Sharing my own thoughts about the pandemic’s outcomes, transforming into a more self-aware humanitarian

Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge

“To Find Yourself, Think for Yourself.” -Socrates

Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge…

What is America doing about the crisis of homelessness, drug addiction, and inequality? Have we lost our compassion for our fellow Americans?
This short documentary tells the story of one ...

This short documentary displays the emotions and events which occur during a student strike for the climate in the small city of Peterborough, Ontario.
Director Nico Ossa journeys us through ...

Kirsten reflects on losing her job because of COVID-19 in an effort to encourage other youth to share their experiences.

Baltimore youth? We want to hear from you! Did you ...

The Displaced Youth Project is a youth led project in the City of Merced that aims to bring awareness to the existence and needs of youth who are homeless or ...

A sensational series of six powerful dancers from different walks of life sharing their personal stories and how they exercise their right to express themselves through voting.

A documentary highlighting the divided nature of American Politics. We talked with officials from all three branches of government to explain how partisanship has effected each level and provide remedies ...

The source of all political change in American history has been the engaged youth citizen, armed with the knowledge to exercise the franchise. But today’s youth are scarcely taught what ...

This is the final cut of my climate change documentary I had to film for my Production I class. I interviewed Bella not only as a student at Wheaton College ...

Oil drilling within Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park is destroying one of the most biodiverse places on planet Earth and with it the home of thousands of indigenous peoples. In 2013, ...

In this segment, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs Amber Hikes and youth organizers from GALAEI and the Mazzoni Center discuss ways LGBT youth demonstrate resilience in ...

In this segment, POPPYN explores legislation and policy related to reproductive rights. We also have the opportunity to interview representatives from New Voices Pittsburgh to learn more about the importance ...

This segment is part of a longer episode on Housing, Neighborhoods and Gentrification. Gentrification is rapidly taking over Philadelphia and there are many ways that students and community members collaborate ...

Three days after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, thousands of people in Pittsburgh came together to protest the hate and violence in the country. “Stronger than Steel” explores that ...

This documentary is about the impacts of the increasing use of smartphones. The documentary was filmed by students at Foran High School for the Civil Life Project documentary competition.

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