Dynamic and Student-Centric

Finding Their Voice
April 22, 2017
To infinity and beyond!
April 26, 2017

Dynamic and Student-Centric

Projects that tap into a student’s own interests elicit more consistent engagement. Video storytelling is a widely popular form of social media engagement for students. This program leverages existing interests into academic engagement in a subject that rarely generates enthusiasm.

We’ve seen first-hand the power of documentary filmmaking to foster essential civic skills and to promote civil conversations about public issues. Schools use our model to replace the traditional ways of teaching civics and as the perfect fit for senior capstone projects.

With the support of their instructor, students screen their completed films in a public forum and lead “Community Conversations.” Using a framework for thoughtful dialogue, students engage with their communities across generational and cultural divides and develop an invaluable sense of leadership and connection to their extended communities.

Films are also entered into our Youth Challenge Film Festival which is open to any student and encourages young independent voices in emerging forms of new media and video journalism.

Watch the 2016 Youth Challenge Film Festival winner: Covered

Watch this and other student films produced over the last six years at Civic Life Project’s YouTube channel.

Civic Life Project and Youth Film Challenge