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After dropping his kids off at school, Tino Santiago, a 22 year resident of the town of Kent, CT was pulled over for running a stop sign. The officer then ...

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An animated video explaining how voting is fundamental to our democracy. That’s why all eligible voters should be able to vote, uninhibited. Unfortunately for many, obstacles and hurdles are put ...

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<a href="http://<a href=Uplifting Kensington “https://youtu.be/54VQGKWI_6A”>” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>

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A short silly video the Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge about the dangers of pollution.

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Voter suppression has affected our democracy by not allowing certain groups of people, including the young population (ages 18-25) to vote. The young population should vote, to choose their leader ...

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This short infographic animation is about climate change. I wanted to let people recognize how and why climate change has worsened by the media, which is the most powerful entity ...

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This video sums up the history of how the right to vote for all came to be in America. It documents the struggles minorities faced over the years while fighting ...

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Vermani Smith, Gary Macklin, Thomas Brown, Malcolm Wright, Corey Rice...

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