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Homelessness is a problem across the country and the world. People often disregard them and treat them as if they are garbage. I speak to homeless people so I can ...

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I decided to list a few reasons that I thought would most appeal to the youth and my generation in this short, to the point social media video . I ...

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We aim to help raise awareness about why Abenaki culture and history isn’t taught in schools, and the importance of its inclusion in school curriculum. Our goal is to guide ...

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Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge | Uncertainty
Film By – Ms. Sakthi Muthukrishnan

Immigration Issues, Spreading Voting Awareness

Thanks to Powtoon and Storyblocks for Royalty free video and music.

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Beware of this villainous system that creeps onto our youth and latently follows them into adulthood: the American incarceration system. The incarceration system in America is a system of punishment ...

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The Appalachian Mountains and surrounding wildlife in Southwest Virginia are being challenged by a natural gas pipeline. This documentary shows the consequences of the pipeline and the activism against it. ...

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In this documentary we will be discussing this topic. What is bail? How does bail affect the less privileged and benefit the wealthy. Also we will be discussing the different ...

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A Connecticut-based filmmaker and journalist drives cross-country to live the life of an Uber driver in the state where their wage is the lowest in the country: Florida. On a ...

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An informative video that explores the 4th amendment and analyzes the balance between maintaining our privacy and the nation’s interest in creating a safe society in times of crisis.

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