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Voting is one of the most important ways you can help fight against climate change. While individual efforts to be green help, making sure that your politicians represent your concerns ...

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This is a video project made for my field production class that was forced to move online due to the quarantine. I focus on capturing how we feel during this ...

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There are so many reasons to vote in the 2020 election but the most important are racism, women rights, gun control, and so many more! Please vote! Enjoy this video, ...

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What is Mass Incarceration, and what is the impact it has on people’s lives? This documentary breaks down the incarceration rates by race and gender while, including what can be ...

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Two Vermont high school students created this documentary investigating what the future of Vermont farming will look like during the 2018-2019 school year with What’s the Story? The Vermont Young ...

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“It Could’ve Been Me” was inspired by the social climate of today. So often, black men and women die due to police brutality as a result of racial profiling. For ...

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A student made documentary about Islamophobia in Canada and America. Revealing the truth about the permeation of Islamophobia in the media and government.

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Short documentary focused on the efforts put in by the youth of Peterborough, Ontario, who are looking for their city to declare a climate emergency

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