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A film about home, love, and motherhood, “Home: Joselyn’s Story” is the story of Joselyn, who was brought to the United States from Honduras by her mother when she was ...

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In September 2019, amidst a global movement, more than 1000 strike events were organized across all 50 states in support of climate action. Building on this momentum, we want to ...

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A documentary short discussing a crisis in social media, a lack of government action, and steps forward for tech regulation. Directed, written, and produced by three high-school juniors.

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In this world filled with technology,people are struggling with more mental and social issues than ever before and so nature has taken its course to correct and reset everything to ...

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Many young adults and teens are losing interest in elections, so we set out to provide reasons why voting is beneficial to them in a comedic way.

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This is a comedic/serious animation based on real life. Though it has attempts to be funny, this harassment happens to black people a lot and needs to stop. Our people ...

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How 16-year-old Mikyla Williams organized a peaceful protest, sparked by the murder of George Floyd, of 1,500+ people in the most segregated county in California.

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Agatha Bacelar, a 28-year-old engineer and social justice advocate, challenged the status quo and ran against one of the most powerful women in the world.

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