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Vote has ended for the People’s Choice Award. Winners will receive $1,000 for the Documentary Film category and $500 for Social Media and will be announced at the Awards Screening on September 10th.


Contest Ended

Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge | Uncertainty
Film By – Ms. Sakthi Muthukrishnan

Immigration Issues, Spreading Voting Awareness

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Beware of this villainous system that creeps onto our youth and latently follows them into adulthood: the American incarceration system. The incarceration system in America is a system of punishment ...

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The Appalachian Mountains and surrounding wildlife in Southwest Virginia are being challenged by a natural gas pipeline. This documentary shows the consequences of the pipeline and the activism against it. ...

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In this documentary we will be discussing this topic. What is bail? How does bail affect the less privileged and benefit the wealthy. Also we will be discussing the different ...

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A Connecticut-based filmmaker and journalist drives cross-country to live the life of an Uber driver in the state where their wage is the lowest in the country: Florida. On a ...

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An informative video that explores the 4th amendment and analyzes the balance between maintaining our privacy and the nation’s interest in creating a safe society in times of crisis.

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Working parents are occupied in their own career, rather than providing mental and societal support to their children.

From the moment of birth of a child to adolescents, parents goes ...

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Voice is power. I have it, you have it, use it....

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Coming Together is a short film that explores the power and impact of youth actvisim as it is seen through the lens of two generations. Avery Smedley and Dr. Farah ...

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A video to promote voting and show people that there are many problems in the world, and the first step to fixing them is getting out your vote.

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Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge:
My Voice, My Choice
Film By – Ms. Sakthi Muthukrishnan
Spreading voting awareness


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Learning about the glorious victories of Vietnamese history, can anyone forget the days when this country was separated? The 17th parallel, Ben Hai river, Hien Luong bridge, where the pain ...

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“Your Vote Matters” is a short film that briefly looks at the state in which our country is in due to our current administration and urges, specifically young voters, to ...

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Voting is one of the most important ways you can help fight against climate change. While individual efforts to be green help, making sure that your politicians represent your concerns ...

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This is a video project made for my field production class that was forced to move online due to the quarantine. I focus on capturing how we feel during this ...

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There are so many reasons to vote in the 2020 election but the most important are racism, women rights, gun control, and so many more! Please vote! Enjoy this video, ...

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What is Mass Incarceration, and what is the impact it has on people’s lives? This documentary breaks down the incarceration rates by race and gender while, including what can be ...

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Two Vermont high school students created this documentary investigating what the future of Vermont farming will look like during the 2018-2019 school year with What’s the Story? The Vermont Young ...

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“It Could’ve Been Me” was inspired by the social climate of today. So often, black men and women die due to police brutality as a result of racial profiling. For ...

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