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Youth Film Challenge

Vote has ended for the People’s Choice Award. Winners will receive $1,000 for the Documentary Film category and $500 for Social Media and will be announced at the Awards Screening on September 10th.


Contest Ended

“It Could’ve Been Me” was inspired by the social climate of today. So often, black men and women die due to police brutality as a result of racial profiling. For ...

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Short documentary focused on the efforts put in by the youth of Peterborough, Ontario, who are looking for their city to declare a climate emergency

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A film about home, love, and motherhood, “Home: Joselyn’s Story” is the story of Joselyn, who was brought to the United States from Honduras by her mother when she was ...

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In September 2019, amidst a global movement, more than 1000 strike events were organized across all 50 states in support of climate action. Building on this momentum, we want to ...

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A documentary short discussing a crisis in social media, a lack of government action, and steps forward for tech regulation. Directed, written, and produced by three high-school juniors.

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In this world filled with technology,people are struggling with more mental and social issues than ever before and so nature has taken its course to correct and reset everything to ...

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Many young adults and teens are losing interest in elections, so we set out to provide reasons why voting is beneficial to them in a comedic way.

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This is a comedic/serious animation based on real life. Though it has attempts to be funny, this harassment happens to black people a lot and needs to stop. Our people ...

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How 16-year-old Mikyla Williams organized a peaceful protest, sparked by the murder of George Floyd, of 1,500+ people in the most segregated county in California.

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Agatha Bacelar, a 28-year-old engineer and social justice advocate, challenged the status quo and ran against one of the most powerful women in the world.

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Animal testing must be put to an end. GO VOTE and save million of animal lives.

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Democracy 2020 Youth Film Challenge

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Voter suppression is an issue that affects many Americans today. In many states across the country voting is made an unnecessary hassle that affects largely African American and Latinx voters. ...

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This documentary is about the inspirational story of the Mendonca twins who climbed up the ladder of success despite adversities in their lives

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PEOPLE VS PANDEMIC is a short doc showing how the Covid-19 virus has impacted the people of Seattle, Washington.
music used: good bye edmonton by dirty beaches, shine a light ...

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A mini-documentary about COVID-19

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Shot during the COVID-19 confinement in Spain, a reflection on the situation from a philosophical viewpoint. Sharing my own thoughts about the pandemic’s outcomes, transforming into a more self-aware humanitarian ...

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A boy who accidentally discovered a writing on the wall is curious to know its true meaning. He discovers a mural that appears to depict a man hanging on the ...

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