2020 Democracy Challenge Toolbox

Whether you’re a filmmaker or teacher we provide helpful videos and webinars that make the process easy

Introduction Webinar

We invite you to join our 30-minute interactive webinar presented by Emmy-Award Winning Civic Life Project founders. Dates to be announced here soon.

Video Tutorials


1-1 Overview of production process; choosing an issue and finding a story

1-2 Do your research; scripted vs unscripted; choosing a style;

1-3 Create a treatment or a roadmap for your film


2-1 Identifying essential questions

2-3 How to film; how to record sound; lighting your interview

2-4 Getting enough b-roll; basic do and don’ts of shooting video and recording sound


3-1 Different Types of Interviews

3-2 Preparing questions

3-2 Practicing and conducting interviews

Telling a Story

4-1 The Neuroscience of storytelling

4-2 Making selects/ Using transcripts

4-3 Structuring your documentary


5-1 Assembly, rough cut and final editing

5-2 Transitions, music and sound effects

5-3 Arresting opening, titles and credits

Tips and Tricks

6-1 Using easy and inexpensive tools to shoot/record your video

6-2 Online platforms to edit, create animations and more

6-3 Review and analyze short videos

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