Transforming students into engaged citizens

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August 30, 2017
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October 4, 2017

Transforming students into engaged citizens

Civics education and digital storytelling both have a vital and tremendous role to play in addressing and changing the disparity and debilitation that so many of our nation’s youth face in their communities and educational opportunities.

Despite the pervasiveness and persistence of our problems, we have experienced directly the impact that providing students the tools and a platform to engage and express themselves on these issues has had. When we see the transformation that occurs in these students, and the level of enduring engagement they take on, we can’t help but remain hopeful and undaunted in the work we do.

The quintessence of the Civic Life Project can be found in the story of D Word, a film that looks at freedom of speech in the public school system.

The film had a profound impact on one of the student filmmakers who, prior to her involvement with CLP, was dangerously close to dropping out of school. She became deeply invested in the film and the program throughout the course of the year and was heavily involved in the creative process. She then went on to study journalism in college.


Watch this and other student films produced over the last six years at Civic Life Project’s YouTube channel.

Civic Life Project and Youth Film Challenge