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Civic Life Project

Civic Life Project was founded by Emmy Award-winning filmmakers and educators to use the power of digital storytelling to engage and inform the next generation of citizens. Since its creation in 2010, Civic Life has overseen the production of more than 100 students produced films and has produced the National Youth Film Challenge since 2015.

Democracy 2022 Youth Film Challenge

The Challenge is a unique bi-annual competition produced by the Civic Life Project. It invites students to generate civics-oriented videos that ultimately create a digital platform for young people to be heard on the issues that matter to them.

Training and Tools

Based on their professional experience and their hands-on work with teachers and students, the Civic Life Team offers a variety of training and support for teachers and youth media coordinators.

Help us inspire young Americans to vote.

Youth Voter turnout and continuing civic engagement are crucial to the future of our democracy.

The Civic Life Project through its Youth Film Challenge and its work with schools across the country is committed to engaging the next generation of informed citizens.

Please support this unique initiative.


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Civic Life Project
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It's tough work getting a bill through #Congress. At each stage there is a need to gain support of the majority, whether in a committee or in the House or Senate chambers. The bill must also normally have the support of the president. #SocialStudies #sschat #Civics

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Civic Life Project and Youth Film Challenge