Finding Their Voice

Civics ed via digital storytelling
April 13, 2017
Dynamic and Student-Centric
April 25, 2017

Finding Their Voice

Now more than ever it’s essential that we teach the values and ideals of Democracy and inculcate the passion and tools for civic engagement in our next generations of American citizens.

Statistics show that the civic literacy of young people is at an all-time low. Only one in three Americans are able to name a single branch of the government. Civics curricula are universally considered dull and further disenfranchise young citizens from understanding and participating in their democracy.

Civic Life Project solves this problem by providing a highly relevant and student-centric approach.

Our students discover a thirst for civil discourse and a desire to participate in their communities. After completing the program are more likely to vote, consume news, and become engaged citizens:

86% engaged with local and extended communities

90% interacted beyond their own social circles

96% engaged beyond their own ethnic groups

An independent analysis of our programs by Inspire, Inc. revealed that both teachers and students rated our programs and staff highly. Students reported strong outcomes, especially in civics knowledge and communication, and a majority of our students reported improved research, listening, and collaboration skills.

 “Just what kids need, a way to be creative on their terms while learning how to be good citizens! Just what America needs, too.” – Bill Moyers

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